Clothing Culture

Somalis take their dress very seriously. Men wear large cotton robes, ladies wear colorful clothes, and colorful headbands. Clothing has a rich cultural connotation, which can reflect the culture of a nation, a person's social status, and cultural literacy.

We start with the true story of a little girl in the community and interpret the cultural heritage behind Somalia's clothing. The headscarf and long skirt are the main elements of Somali clothing. The color, pattern, and layering of the headscarf have their own meanings. They can best reflect the cultural literacy, spirituality, and material civilization of the Somali nation. At the same time, it can also reflect a person's social status, cultural literacy, aesthetic consciousness, and the attitude of Somali women to themselves, others, and life.

We hope that through this project, more young people will understand the cultural heritage behind Somali clothing. At the same time, we hope that those young girls living in Somalia in London can better understand their country's clothing culture, and hope that they can be confident, generous and elegant to show their charm no matter where they live.

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