An Exploration of a Heritage (click for info)

Transmitter is an expression of the relationship we built with the Shephard’s Bush Mother and Child Welfare Organization over the course of the term. Every project was inspired by stories we heard there and our resulting research. We are not in any way attempting to represent Somali culture or Somalis in London, but rather to honor the stories we heard from Somalis in Shephard’s Bush at MACWO.

Please explore the projects below, and send us feedback of your experience!

MACWO is raising money to help those impacted by Covid-19 in their community. If you can, please help support their work by donating to, or sharing, their fundraising page.

︎Camel Land ︎Clothing Culture︎Olfactory  Memories︎Stone Game︎Tajweed︎Somalis in Shephards Bush